your influence
to the forefront

Drafting and distribution of press releases
Creation of ad hoc press dossiers
Organization of meetings with journalists
Creation and follow-through of press dossiers
Organization of press conferences
Professional media training


Positive media coverage of areas of expertise
Definition of topics and angles with the partners
Implementation of partnerships

Optimization of media coverage management

Media monitoring for the firm
Developing a strategy for optimizing opportunities and repercussions

your strengths

Brand platform
Competitor-oriented benchmarking
Positioning strategy
Identification /creation of key messages and presentation language
Definition or orientation of the communications strategy
Deployment of the communications strategy
Launch strategy
Crisis management-related communications

Our ideas
for your brand
Visual identity

Ceation of a specific brand identity
Development and implementation of a graphics charter
Creation and development of application kits

Creation of communications formats
Advice and design

Leaflets and brochures
Holiday cards
Announcements cards
Custom promotional merchandise

Web Site

Assessment of needs and definition of concept
Drafting content and assistance with drafting
Creation and development of graphics aspects for communications
Site development and coordination of updates
Integration of a global digital strategy

Providing guidance
and coherency

Deployment of a bespoke strategy
Assistance and advice in the creation and management of various accounts
Training for the various social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook…)
Editorial strategy / content management
Development of online visibility and social networks
Monitoring/ e-reputation management

the dialog tools
for your ecosystem
Advertising and publicity strategy

Development of a strategy for purchasing advertising space
Studies for one-time opportunities
Drafting of messages and concept and design of visuals

Referencing in professional directories and League tables

Advice on the various rankings opportunities and strategies to be adopted
Development and deployment of a schedule for the firm and definition of the process
Description of the firm’s activities in the major French and international directories
Assistance in completing questionnaires (content of deals lists, pre-completion of forms …)
Organization of meetings with investigators and journalists
Monitoring / feedback from investigators

Implementation of client relations tools

Advice in the creation of newsletters, news flashes and updates...
Bespoke advice on relational strategy

Events planning

Organization of client seminars and training
Negotiation and deployment of partnerships
Planning for internal and client events
Relations with the university sector

Assist and support you in your commercial development

Individualized analysis and diagnostic (SWOT approach of the person and structure)
Formulation of the needs and expectations
Advice and follow-up on the implementation of the physical and virtual networks
Structuring of the offer, development of the commercial speech, counselling and training on the presentation of the offer
Development of a strategy and action plan / regular follow-up

The agency

Avocom is a marketing and communications consulting agency specializing in the legal and financial sectors.
Our team provides advice to law firms in every phase of their brand strategy development and the operational deployment of their communications charter.

Our priority is to provide meaning and coherence to our clients' communications strategy, so that that it creates value over the long term.

We are passionate about our clients' vocation, we understand the way they are structured, and we fully comprehend what is at stake.

We adapt to the individual structure of each client, and thus are able to provide support that can be global, in the context of outsourcing the management of all of the aspects of the firm's communications, or partial, concerning any given sphere of communications (media relations, event planning, identity…), or even occasional, for specific missions (creation of firms, media interventions …).

In connection with our communications and marketing missions, we are qualified to provide recommendations on other topics relating to the management and organizational aspects of a structure. Our clients have access to our network of partners (coaches, recruiting firms, strategy consulting, CRM service providers).

The excellent quality of our relationships with our clients is our highest priority. We work hard to build long-term partnerships with our clients that are based on profound trust and loyalty.

Since 2003, Avocom, the first specialized agency, has worked closely with many French and international clients on a daily basis and on audacious, and highly successful, projects.

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But why use an agency ?

To compare your view with specialists in your market

To help you decode tendencies in your sector and give you a wider view

To communicate and promote new concepts within your firm

To have access to a set of skills you haven’t developed

To strengthen the resources within your firm

To be freer to focus on your field of expertise

For the pleasure of working together...

Contact us

6 Rue Saulnier
75009 Paris
Tél. +33 (0)1 48 24 60 54
Fax. +33 (0)1 48 24 60 06

/ Charlotte Vier


Charlotte founded Avocom in 2003, anticipating the need for and then facilitating the development of communications and marketing for law firms. Since then, Charlotte and her team have advised numerous French and international organizations in the legal and financial sectors on both their day-to-day brand strategy and at key stages of their development.
Having now worked in the legal market for 25 years, 16 of which were spent at Avocom, Charlotte is today one of the most knowledgeable experts on the issues facing the profession and, more specifically, corporate law firms.
She has in recent years extended her services to advising Avocom’s clients on all aspects of their development: positioning and plans for growth, management organization, career management, client relations and more.
Charlotte regularly publishes articles, in particular for the Lettre des Juristes d’Affaires. She has participated in the collective work Lamy Profession Avocat and is often invited to speak at conferences and symposiums on communications and management for law firms.

Organization and Management of firms / Marketing and Business Development / Brand Strategy / Visual Identity / Media Relations / Public Relations / Crisis Management / Digital / Client Relationship Management

/ Virginie Jubault


From her law studies (Maîtrise in Law at Paris II), Virginie Jubault has retained the dialectic and a disciplined approach.
From her seven years working at CPR Online (part of the Crédit Agricole Group, now Kepler Chevreux), she developed adaptability in a banking world that was just venturing into the unchartered waters of digital technology.
From her MBA specialized in “Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management”, Virginie gained an understanding of the importance of the brand and the individuals who embody and wear it.
From her six years at Who’s Who in France, she learned to run a network - a very useful lesson for business development.
Finally, years of training courses in neuroscience and management (Institute of Neurocognitivism and Coach & Team) have reinforced her sense of empathy, interest, curiosity and respect for others.
Virginie’s work with Avocom combines her three main centers of interest: communications, law and psychology.
Virginie deploys her skills to support the communications and management strategy of Avocom’s clients.
She advises Avocom clients with respect to their development, whether focusing on global, commercial and/or personal aspects, individualized and/or collective.
Virginie is enthusiastic, positive, creative and everything she undertakes is fueled by motivation: her own and her clients’!
She regularly authors articles and facilitates round tables on soft skills, one of her favorite subjects.

Strategy / Media Relations / Public Relations / Client Relationship Management / Business Development / Coaching

/ Camille Flesselles


Camille joined Avocom in 2016 after having worked for nearly 10 years in the Marketing and Communications departments of several major international corporate law firms, including Allen & Overy and Bredin Prat. She advises Avocom’s clients in the implementation of their communications and business development activities.
Thoroughly familiar with the requirements and expectations of law firms, Camille puts her rigor, curiosity, keen sense of client relations and invaluable know-how to work in organizing large-scale events.

Public Relations / Directories / Events Planning / Media Relations / Web and Graphics Projects / Digital

/ Nathalie Merle


A graduate of ISCOM, Nathalie Merle has more than 25 years of experience in communications. Previously in charge of media relations for the Prime Minister’s most important central administration department (the DILA, which includes Le Journal officiel de la République française), under the authority of the Secretary General of the Government, she has also worked in communications agencies as their account manager, mainly in the audiovisual and new technology sectors, as well as with high-profile individuals/.
Head of Communications early in her career for the Infonie, Infosources and IXO groups, listed on the nouveau marché, Nathalie now puts her expertise in media relations strategy (both traditional and for social networks) to work for Avocom’s clients. In daily contact with journalists, she is dedicated to advocating for clients, to creating key influencers and to developing a genuine, established and lasting brand image.

Strategy / Media Relations / Public Relations / Digital / Crisis Communications / Internal Communications / Events Planning

/ Diane Zeegers


Diane Zeegers graduated from the University of Paris-Sud in Cultural Heritage Law and began her career in the cultural and digital sector.
Her legal expertise in IP/IT and her interest in the global functioning of companies gradually led Diane to become interested in communications and marketing. With professional experience in several small organizations, Diane has developed a strategic vision for the internal and external communications needs necessary for the successful development of SMEs and micro-enterprises.
Her interest in law, the media and digital technology then led her to manage legal content on the web for a law firm that stressed the importance of optimizing user traffic on its various sites (SEO/SEA) and media relations.
Diane supports and counsels Avocom’s clients in their communications on a day-to-day basis, with a particular emphasis on bringing meaning and coherence to their projects.

Digital / Web and Graphic Projects / Media Relations / Public Relations / Directories / Events Planning